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Peony seed oil equipment production process

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  The collection of peony seed is more important,premature and immature,not only the seed emergence rate and oil yield is low,and water,and not easy to store,easy to mildew.In the process of refining peony seed oil,there are four steps of technology,namely degumming,deacidification,decolorization and deodorization,referred to as"four off".The sub-critical peony seed oil equipment manufacturer takes you to have a detailed understanding.

Peony seed oil equipment

  1,peony seed oil and water degumming
  Degumming of peony seed oil:colloidal impurities in wool oil,mainly phosphorus.The presence of phospholipid and other colloidal substances not only reduces the quality of oil,but also promotes the transition emulsification between oil and lye in the process of alkali refining and deacidification,which increases the difficulty of separation of saponin and increases the loss of neutral oil.Therefore,it should be removed first.
  Hydration degumming is heated up to 60℃under agitation,and 4-5 times the amount of phosphorus in the oil is added to the boiling water,which is slightly higher than the oil temperature.When necessary,the effect of hydration can be improved by adding salt with oil weight of 0.2%-0.3%into water.Water operation is an important part of hydration.It is necessary to carefully control the amount of water added,the temperature of water and oil,and the speed of stirring and adding water.When hydration,you should often use a spoon to sample and observe in the pot,and flexibly master the amount of water and water speed according to the situation.At the end of adding water,when the colloidal particles gather,that is,slow stirring,and heating to 75℃,when the liquid surface is obvious oil,that is,stop stirring,stand for 3-4 hours,4-5 hours in winter.Until the hydration oil foot and grease separation qualified,the release of oil foot,degumming oil into the next procedure.
  2,peony seed oil deacidification
  Deacidification of peony seed oil:deacidification operation is one of the important factors which can directly affect the yield and quality of oil refining.
  Industrial production is widely used in alkali refining deacidification process.Put the cleaning oil pump into the pot,stir well,and raise the oil temperature to 60℃.At the same time,stir quickly at a speed of 60 RPM,spray the measured lye evenly into the oil,and continue to stir quickly to make it fully mixed with the oil.Then change to a slow stirring speed of 30 RPM.At the same time,increase the temperature to 75℃,when the oil and soap particles are obviously separated and easy to precipitate,stop air blowing,let the soap particles settle,stand for 3 hours,and then wash with hot water slightly higher than the oil temperature,in order to remove the remaining soap particles and other impurities in the oil.When the oil temperature drops to 60℃for filtration,enter the next procedure.
  3.Decoloration of peony seed oil
  Oil color and some other impurities,after decolorization can achieve product quality standards.At the same time for deodorization,refining to provide more favorable conditions.There are many kinds of subcritical mechanical equipment,and peony seed oil equipment can better achieve the color index in the decolorization process.Removal of pigment and quantity of metal;Further remove residual trace saponin,phospholipid and other colloidal impurities and some odorous substances;Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticide residues;Reduce oil peroxidation value.
  Active clay is used as decolorizing agent,and appropriate amount of activated carbon can be added when necessary.The decolorizing oil is sucked into the decolorizing pot from the oil storage tank with the help of vacuum and heated to 90℃under the vacuum,then the air and water in the oil are removed.Then inhale liquid decolorization adsorbent(dosage according to the color specification standards reached by decolorization,usually between 1-5%of the oil weight),under the condition of full vacuum stirring(vacuum pressure is 8 kpa),oil and agent contact for about 30 minutes,cooling to 70℃,with a pump into the filter,remove decolorization agent,decolorization oil.

Peony seed oil equipment

  4.Deodorization of peony seed oil
  The purpose of oil deodorization is to remove odor producing substances in oil,and other volatile substances,improve the taste and gloss of oil,improve the stability of oil.In the deodorization stage,it is removed by direct steam distillation at high vacuum temperature.
  First open the throttle valve of the steam jet vacuum pump valve and cooling water,the deodorization pan of pumping air into vacuum state,when a certain vacuum,entered the oil valve,decoloring oil by vacuum suction deodorization pan,and open valve of heat conduction oil,will the pot temperature rise to 190℃,temperature reaches 100℃,namely open direct steam,the CPC fully turn,make the pot.Direct steam spraying for about 3 hours,the vacuum during the whole deodorization process must maintain the residual pressure of 0.13-0.8 kpa,direct injection volume is about 5%-15%of the weight of processed grease.30 minutes before the deodorization time,turn off the heat conduction oil heating system.After oil deodorization is completed,close the direct steam,open the cooling cold door,cool the oil below 70℃,close the vacuum pump,break the vacuum,and pump out the deodorization oil.